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Jillian Breen




Brand Development, Social Strategy, Website Design and Build.
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Dedicated to helping clients achieve their property goals

With years of experience in the property industry and a focus on delivering exceptional results, Breen & Co’s goal is to help every client secure their dream home or investment property. Our job was to create a brand that embodies that sense of personal professionalism and reflects the buyer’s connectedness to the houses, lifestyle and service Jillian and her team provide.

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Eggshell, navy and mahogany

The Breen and Co brand strength is in creating space through minimalism, allowing the boldness of solid colour to shine through. Secondary graphics are used to highlight the logo and create a sense of comfort. Inspired by bone inlay furniture, the icons are made from a small branch that blooms into a flower representing the idea of finding the right pieces to create a home.

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