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Foxwell Coomera


Keylin + Kinstone




Brand Development, Illustration, Project Assets
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A connected community integrating lifestyle, health, business and convenience.

Joint Venture partners Keylin and Kinstone Group are progressing plans to deliver Foxwell Coomera, a connected community, integrating lifestyle, health, business & convenience in the heart of the Northern Gold Coast growth corridor.

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Candid moments and yoga poses

A true place-making destination development opportunity, the brand challenge was to communicate various themes in engaging ways. To do this, we created a series of illustrations that balance an appropriate confluence of ideas – shopping and family, health and community, using compelling stylistic characters in relatable situations.

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Swooping swashes and round terminals

The Foxwell Coomera logo embodies strength and character to reflect the welcoming, shared public space and experience that the Development will offer. A bold typeface has been set to distinguish the depth of services and experiences within the Development while the scale of the swooping swashes and round terminals express a dynamic and confident wordmark.

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