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Union Taringa 03
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An alchemy
of connection

A collection of ten uniquely beautiful homes that celebrate decorative design with striking arches, strong organic shapes and decorative patterns, Union’s architecture inspired a bold, graphical brand identity.

Union Taringa 05
Union Taringa 04
Union Taringa 17
Union Taringa 16
Union Taringa 06
Union Taringa 07

An intriguing interplay of lines, curves and textures

Union Taringa 15
Union Taringa 08
Union Taringa 09
Union Taringa 02
Union Taringa 01
Union Taringa 11

Logo and identity

In conjunction with form and geometric typography, Unions’ bold palette creates a brand rich in pattern, colour and shapes while effectively drawing on and highlighting the project’s design features and location.

The custom wordmark reflects a modern, streamlined aesthetic. The letter forms pay tribute to the arches of the building design, while the simple forms make the wordmark eye-catching and uniquely memorable.

Union Taringa 15
Design Team
Cunningham Designs
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