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Mirada Suttons Beach


Horan Group + CBRE




brand strategy + ideation, identity + campaign design, photography + videography, sales office + site signage design, website design
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Holiday town turned culture filled seaside city.

With its premier hilltop location on Marine Parade and panoramic views over Suttons Beach, Mirada will be a home where you can wake up to warm sunrises and cool breezes. A place to enjoy an outlook over calm waters to an active horizon. A place to take in stand-up paddle boards, kites in the sky and spinnakers in full flight. It’s a celebration of life’s simple seaside pleasures and joyful elevated living.

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Beauty and coastline on canvas

To support a brand built around sand between your toes nostalgia, Craig Parnaby, a celebrated Australian artist that creates unique urban coastal landscapes, was commissioned to create a series of paintings that showcase Suttons Beach, its landmarks and simple joyous lifestyle.

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Group 895
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Muted blues and fresh tangerines

1930’s typography inspires the Mirada wordmark; sans-serif monoline font with pitched points and high and low cross bars. To give further depth to the collateral, the sans serif font Futura pairs with Barlow Semi Condensed, a crisp modern font. Futura is a classic font released in 1927 which continues the nostalgic undertone of the Mirada brand.

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Photography and videography
Damien Bredberg
Craig Parnaby
Creative Threshold

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