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The Oscar Scarbrough


BPG Developments + CBRE




Brand Strategy and Ideation. Identity and Campaign Design. Sales Office and Site Signage Design. Website Design and Build.
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A new icon for the Scarborough waterfront

In a neighbourhood with buckets of seaside charm, shady trees, and offshore breezes, The Oscar is a unique selection of exceptionally designed three-bedroom residences offering a modern lifestyle with a world of convenience in a neighbourhood that’s all charm.

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Buckets of seaside charm

This is a story about a place where locals and visitors take a breath of sea air on Scarborough’s waterfront. Where families, retirees and romancing couples promenade in the sun. Where a string of foreshore cafes, fish-and-chip shops, ice creameries and restaurants await. Where paddle boarders, cafe-goers, and wine-sippers make the most of the sunshine and sea breezes.

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A monogram and Montseratt

As the original local theatre once stood on the site, the brand takes cues from movie posters with the likes of Doris Day, Jack Carson and Lee Bowman. A wordmark has been type-set in the font Montserrat chosen for its perfectly round ‘O’, which connects to the arrival experience proposed in the architecture, while a custom monogram steeps the visual identity in elegance as a hats off to the original silver screen.

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Creative Threshold
Photography and Videography
Hamish Rutherford
Hal Architects

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